Participation in the Association of Social Promotion CENSURED are only for members who share its goals (*).

To become a member you will have to:

- provide a valid ID document
- tell the association: how did you get to know it, whether you know of its activities, whether you go to other gay clubs, the reason why you want to join
- acquire basic information (**)

- sign the admission application which will be examined by a delegate of the Executive Board

(*) The aims are stated in the Statute and here they are reported in full:

1. Censured APS is an independent association, open to women and men without any discrimination on religious, political, sexual, ethnic or nationality basis. It is recognized as a social formation where the human nature takes place, as such it is recognized by the Italian Republic and
its rights are guaranteed under Article 2 of the Constitution. It is constituted according to Legislative Decree 117/17 as a Third Sector Organization, meaning by this an "intermediate organization" which, by using private funds, serves the public interest. Censured APS acknowledges sexual orientation as inviolable and essential for the full development and fulfilment of each individual's personality; it also acknowledges the importance of the "homosexual culture"; as the common traditions, values and vocabulary that define the national and international homosexual community, and commits itself to spreading its practice according to the principle provided by Article 21 of the Constitution.

2. The Association encourages a free and hedonistic conception of people' sexual experience, seen as an opportunity to express mutual pleasure and sharing among adult and consenting people; the Association wants to be a solid reference point for those who wish to get to know themselves and the others in the most intimate aspects of their life, beyond any form of social prejudice. The Association protects the largest freedom of expression of the personal emotions, exercised respecting the fundamental and inviolable rights of the individual. Following the spirit of art. 3 of the Constitution, it also contributes to overcoming situations of potential social and cultural limitation, due to the general feeling of rejection and exclusion of those people who, for personal leanings, choose the practice of homosexual experiences. The social purpose of public interest is therefore to constitute a "place", even virtual, free from the moral judgment of common morality, where members, who share the same homosexual culture, can freely express the most intimate aspects of their personality, among " like-minded" and consenting adults.

3. The Association repudiates any form of coercion, violence, including verbal violence and prostitution; it fights against paedophilia and drug use.

(**) The main information you need to know is that:

1. Having read the Statute, you accept it and agree to abide by it.
2. A one-year membership fee must be paid
3. NO temporary participation in the Association's activities is allowed.
4. The Executive Board has the right to warn, suspend or expel a member who has misbehaved or who has not complied with the Association's values and rules.
5. Inside the club a contribution may be given to be able to drink alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
6. Drinks may not be introduced from outside.
7. Drug use is strictly forbidden and no mobile phone use is allowed in the Hot area (lower floor) under penalty of being immediately expelled from the association.
8. All big backpacks should be stored in the checkroom free of charge.